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Crypto Beginners

Crypto Beginners
Greetings all and welcome to crypto coin purse. As some of you may know, we have only just launched and I just could not wait any longer on publishing my very first article. I am very excited!
Now this article is not going to be anything special. More just an intro into what this site will be about and a short intro into crypto currency.

I am sure many of you have heard of crypto currencies. I mean how haven’t you? It is everywhere. In the news online and even on the TV. I have also seen some newspaper articles recently with stories in it about bitcoin. Can you believe that? Never would have I predicted a thing such as that could ever become so main stream.

I wanted to talk about briefly and broadly just how many cryptos are out there. More and more are being created everyday so you have to be careful if you are thinking about buying some. There are many that have great functions but aren’t yet able to use them and there are some with barely any function but they rise in price as they run off pure hype.

Hype. That is a word you will see time and time again in the crypto world. Everyone seems to love a coin that generates so much hype. But why? Well when a coin increases so much, many people rush in to invest which can push it even higher before someone decides to sell a huge amount and then it drops. Which leads to people panicking and they all see. Then what happens? The price keeps going further and further down. This is something a lot of people have found themselves in. Such a dangerous position that you never want to be caught in ever.

That brings me to my next point. You have to research A LOT before you decide to do anything. Lots of people have fallen for this trick. Sometimes you may get lucky but most of the time you will not. So I beg you to exercise caution and use your brain to make these big decisions. There have been way too many people that have ruined their lives over crypto. Do not join them.

Do I think it is worth investing in? Yes but you must choose the appropriate coins. Only you can decide what is right for you. I can give some tips out now but when you read this it could be very different. As with crypto things always change, nothing stays the same. So I urge you to do your own research and do a lot of it to make sure of your decision. There are some great people out there that can give some great advice so I recommend you find some good resources to listen to but always do your own research to avoid any disasters.
I would like to wish everyone luck on their crypto adventure. It is a scary world out there so be careful and more importantly safe.